Brave Tips

How to stream or download torrents easily and safely ?

You may think it's hard or unsafe to download video content, like movies or tv shows with torrents:

  1. You need to open your web browser.
  2. Find a torrent content on a website.
  3. Avoid the ads, popups and trackers the website can contain.
  4. Load the torrent or magnet link into a BitTorrent client.
  5. Wait for the download to be completed before being able to watch your video.

Some Bittorrent clients allow you to stream your torrents, but you still need to use a dedicated software, and avoid the ads and trackers online.

With Brave, streaming and downloading torrents has never been so easy...

Brave is the only web browser which let you stream or download any torrents in one click.

...and Safe!

Brave also blocks ads and trackers, so you can download your torrents safely and without distractions !

How to start streaming torrents with Brave ?

  1. Download Brave browser and install it.
  2. Open Brave and search for a torrent or magnet link you want to stream or download. You can test with Sintel, an open movie you can freely share :

Brave browser automatically detects the torrent and the following page is displayed: Brave download or stream page

  1. Click on the Start Torrent button: Start torrent button

The download will start immediately. Some information will be displayed: download speed, number of connected peers sharing the file, download progress, and the time remaining for completion. Brave torrent stats

  1. Click on the video file to stream, often a mp4 or mkv file. Brave torrent files

Brave torrent streaming in a player

You can even profit from the "picture in picture" feature to move the video around you screen while doing other things ! If you don't want to stream, and download all files instead, you can click on Save All Files..., but you will then need to wait for the download to be completed.

If you like Brave Browser, do not hesitate to choose it as your default browser !

Please note that we do not encourage you to download copyrighted files, only download legal torrents.