Brave Tips

How to watch Disney+ and Netflix using Brave

Disney+ has recently launched its own streaming platform. However, some people may experience issues watching their movies or series using Brave. Whether on Netflix or Disney+, if your video does not start, this article should be able to solve your concerns.

Make sure to install Widevine DRM plugin

Widevine is a DRM component that must be activated and installed to be able to start streaming protected contents with Brave.

The first time you visit Netflix or Disney+, make sure to allow this plugin to run. widevine-pop-up

Widevine's pop-up does not appear, what to do ?

For some reasons, this pop-up may not be displayed. In this case, do not panic ! To activate this feature, open Brave's settings, then go to "Extensions" tab to check if the Widevine option is enabled. You may need to unchek, then check this toggle.


This should fix your problems and you can now enjoy your favorite streaming platforms !