Brave Tips

How to earn cryptocurrencies (BAT tokens) using Brave ?

With Brave, you can decide whether or not to block advertisements on certain websites. By agreeing to receive some ads notifications, you will be paid in BAT (Basic Attention Token). These BAT can be used to reward your favorite content creators with "tips" while remaining anonymous! Also, if you live in the United States, you will be able to easily exchange your token for real rewards like "gift cards for Xbox, Playstation, Hulu and HBO, Amazon, Apple, Target, Walmart and many more partners in the TAP Network. For more information, go to Brave's official blog post.

In order to tips your favorite creators, they must have been verified by Brave. If the creator have not yet been verified by Brave, you can still try to tip them, but they will not receive your tip if they don't sign up to Brave's creators program in the following 90 days.

Currently, you can reward Reddit and Twitter users, Github developers, websites, and Vimeo, Youtube or Twitch creators.

The first things to do in order to earn your first BAT tokens is to make sure to enable Brave Rewards. First, you will need to click on the BAT icon on the top right of your window, then click "Rewards Settings".

Brave settings

Then, you need to make sure to enable "Brave Rewards".

Brave rewards checbox

Under this setting, in addition to knowing the date of your next payment. You will be able to consult a small summary showing all the gains made during the month, as well as the number of advertisements received :

Brave ads settings

By clicking on the settings icon, you will have the possibility to select how many ads you want to see per hour. Therefore, the more advertisements you see, the more BAT you will earn. Brave ads number per hour

On the same page, on the right, you will find your digital wallet. This is the place where you will receive your BAT.

Brave wallet

Beside your wallet, you will find a real-time conversion between your BAT tokens value in dollars.

In addition to your ads rewards, it should be noted that Brave sometimes offers free Bat tokens to its users.