Brave Tips

Brave Browser's new tab page (dashboard)

Each time you start Brave or open a new tab page, you can admire a random beautiful background image. In addition to this, you can track 4 types of data:

  • Ads and Trackers blocked: Total number of ads and trackers blocked by Brave. The more this numbers are, the more Brave has protected your privacy. Brave is faster than any other browsers as it includes a native adblocker.
  • HTTPS upgrades: Brave includes a plug-in called "HTTPS Everywhere" which ensures that the sites we visit upgrades to https when possible for better security.
  • Estimated time saved: Brave does not load ads which makes it an extremely fast browser. This is an estimated time you saved browsing the web with Brave.

Brave homepage

At the bottom right of the home page, you can find 4 icons :

  • A sliders icon to open your dashboard Settings.
  • A settings icon to open Brave settings.
  • A bookmarks icon to open your bookmarks page.
  • A clock icon to open you browser's history.

Brave homepage settings